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Rules and policies

Exclusion for health reasons

Health alerts to advise parents of potential concerns will be sent in an email to parents. If you have concerns that your child may have a medical condition which requires a period of exclusion, please refer to the Timeout Poster. This poster provides information on the recommended minimum exclusion periods for infectious conditions.


Religious Instruction

Half-hour non-denominational Religious Instruction classes are conducted during the 11.00am to 12.30pm session on Fridays. During the nrolemnt process, parents are asked to indicate whether they wish their child/ren to attend these classes. A note from the parent at any time will enable a child to opt in or out of Religious Instrucion classes.


Portable Electronic Devices

Children are not permitted to bring portable electronic devices e.g. mobile phones/iPod/Pads or electronic games to this school. However, if parents determine that their child needs to bring a mobile phone to school, the phone must be handed in at the office before school and collected at 3pm. If parents need to contact a child during the day for emergency reasons, they should phone the school office. This policy also applies to students during school excursions, camps and extra-curricular activities.


Refund Policy

Parents may request a refund for an excursion if their child is unable to participate in an excursion or incursion, providing the cost is based on individual attendance. If the cost of the excursion is a set amount e.g. includes the cost of a bus or a set cost to engage a guest artist/presenter, whole school swimming lessons, a refund will not be available.

  • Homework Policy

    Homework provides students with opportunities to consolidate their classroom learning, practice life skills required beyond the classroom and home and involve family members in their learning.