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The Parents' and Citizens' Association meets at the School on the second Wednesday of the month (except during school holidays). The Office Bearers are elected at the Annual General Meeting which is held in March. All parents/carers are urged to attend these meetings.

Roles of the Executive Committee
The President acts as a representative of the Association, encourages communication between the Association, School administration and the community and encourages participation in the Association.
The President will be the chair of the meetings and conducts them in an efficient and timely fashion, being familiar with the rules, constitution and other documents governing Association operations.
The President is an official member of the school council for the School.
The Vice-President provides essential support to the President and to other Executive Officers if required. The Vice-President is responsible for chairing meetings in the President’s absence and carrying out any duties delegated by the President.
The Vice-President should:
• consider this position as the President’s understudy
• become familiar with P&C operations, rules and meeting procedures
• provide support and assistance to all the Executive Officers
• look on the role as a means of gaining an understanding of and supporting all Executive roles.
The Secretary collates the agenda papers for each meeting, (including subcommittee reports) and assists the President in preparing an agenda for each meeting.
They prepare and present minutes of the Association’s meetings, records and deals with correspondence in/out as directed and generally organises, records and maintains information pertaining to the activities of the Association.
The Treasurer has the overall responsibility for the financial management of the Association, including all subcommittee accounts. In their role they must comply with the Accounting Manual for P&C Associations in all respects. They prepare an annual budget and Annual Operational Plan for the Association in consultation with the Association’s Executive Committee. It is the Treasurer’s responsibility to keep accurate accounts of receipts and expenditure.
One of the key aspects of the role of Treasurer is managing the finances well. It is not only an important part of keeping the functions and P&C operations running, GOOD financial management is critical to ensure transparent use of funds and monitoring how funds are used to benefit all students in the school. There are, sadly, a small minority of people who misuse the P&C funds. To avoid this occurring at your school, you will need to make sure the P&C systems are well documented, and the guidelines are followed appropriately.