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My name is Deb Price and in my role as Engagement and Wellbeing teacher at Mapleton State School I have had the pleasure of meeting, supporting and working with many students, parents, community members and of course the Mapleton staff.  Over the past four or five years, I have been visiting Mapleton State School one day a fortnight to support in many varying ways.  I currently visit Mapleton every Friday fortnight (odd weeks) and always look forward to being a part of the Mapleton school community.  To understand my role within the school I will briefly outline the support that I offer.

Supporting students and teachers

As Engagement and Wellbeing TeacherI work alongside class teachers to gain better understanding of a child’s individual school behaviours so that we can optimise each child’s learning potential.  This may mean that I am in classrooms observing and supporting class teachers in the behavioural management of an individual child.  I may also support individual children to develop further understandings in regards to their social, emotional and behavioural needs and provide class teachers with strategies or resources that would help support each child’s specific needs.  These support strategies and resourcing may at times be written into an individual behaviour support plan that is developed in conjunction with class teacher, myself and parents so that a record or plan can be followed and referred to by current and future class teachers.  I also provide class teachers with small group or whole class social and emotional sessions that focus on developing further understanding in a variety of key areas across student behaviour and learning.  As we know, if a child feels confident in who they are, are socially competent and can regulate their emotions, they will be more engaged and prepared for learning.   Some of the topics range from: Understanding self, Understanding our emotions, Being Resilient and showing GRIT, Understanding how to form Positive Relationships with others, The importance of Positive Self-talk and Calming Strategies when feeling emotional, Using mindfulness practices, Protective Behaviours, Peer Mediation and Understanding what it means to be a leader and the skills needed to do so. 

Supporting parents

My role as Engagement and Wellbeing Teacher also provides support to parents at Mapleton State School and the community as needed.  Parents can contact myself or class teacher if they would like to make an appointment to discuss their child’s behaviours, both at school and home.  At times, class teachers may also encourage parents to come and speak with me based on the concerns parents have voiced.  I also run a parenting program called “123 Magic” which I try to offer at least once or twice a year to our Mapleton families.  This is an opportunity for parents to realise that they are not alone in understanding their own child’s behaviours and needs and how best to manage these.  This course also allows us to understand our own choices of behaviour and the reasons we respond the way we do.  I have found that in sharing one’s own understandings and challenges, parents often come away from these sessions feeling so much more confident in their approach to managing family behaviours, but also form friendships with those parents who have attended the course.

If at any time, parents would like to speak with me, please contact your child’s class teacher or leave a message with Cathy at the front office.  I look forward to supporting the Mapleton school community.

Deb Price

Last reviewed 12 February 2020
Last updated 12 February 2020