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Uniform shop

Our uniform shop is run by volunteers and is open Tuesday mornings from 8.30-9am in the P&C room in A Block.  Polo shirts, hats, jackets, navy skorts, library bags and the Mapleton school back pack are all available for purchase. 

School Uniform Price List 2020


Mapleton State School Dress Code
Children attending our school are required to wear the school uniform when:
  • attending or representing our school;
  • travelling to and from school; and
  • engaging in school activities out of school hours.
The school uniform, designed by a committee of parents, reflects our school community standards, and is consistent with occupational health and safety and anti-discrimination legislation.  The dress code aims to contribute to a safe and supportive teaching and learning environment through:
  • ready identification of students and non-students at school;
  • fostering a sense of pride and belonging; and
  • developing mutual respect among students by minimising visible evidence of economic or social differences.
A student may have their attendance at non-essential learning activities limited if they are not able to follow the school dress code e.g. sporting events and excursions. 
The uniform consists of:
  • school polo shirt with emblem (navy and green)
  • navy bottoms as preferred e.g. shorts, long pants, netball skirt, plain skirt, culottes
  • dress (in school colours)
  • navy hat (8cm brim) or navy legionnaire hat (to meet sun safety standards)
  • closed shoes with navy socks (to be worn at all times, unless specific permission to remove them is given by a teacher)
  • navy jacket or jumper for colder months
  • t-shirt in house colour for interhouse sporting activities
Children may wear watches and sleeper or stud earrings to school. Other jewellery including wrist bands, anklets, spacers, and piercings other than a single ear stud should not be worn. Please advise the school if your child must wear an item for medical or religious purposes. Children with long hair are asked to wear their hair up for hygiene purposes.
The student council hosts free dress days as fundraisers for charities or specific events. Appropriate dress is expected from students on these days, that is, sunsmart clothing or apparel that is acceptable in the school setting. Inappropriate dress refers to clothing or apparel worn by students that is deemed to be:
  • offensive;
  • likely to disrupt, or negatively influence normal school operations;
  • likely to result in a risk to health and safety of student or others.